Case Studies

We have worked with a variety of our global clients to deliver innovative, value-adding learning solutions with measurable impact. The breadth and depth of our knowledge and the global reach of our work has given us great experience and success in providing these solutions to our clients. To learn more about specific examples of how we have worked with clients to find solutions browse the case studies below.

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Consumer Market Industry - Compliance Training Solution

The client recognised their need for staff to be aware of fraudulent transactions.

Owing to payment diversion fraud, the client wanted to ensure that shared service centre staff were fully trained on the risks and procedures to avoid processing fraudulent transactions.

KPMG tailored our Fraud Awareness e-learning module to the client's needs.

  • Including bespoke information on whistleblowing, communications from the client's head of compliance
  • Aimed at the accounts payable team, including differences between preventative and protective controls
  • Full integration of the client's logo and branding
  • 120+ employees are due to undergo training
  • A greater awareness of potential risks within the organisation

A vast improvement within the anti-fraud culture across the organisation.

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Global Telecommunications Provider - Learning and Development Transformation

The Client recognised the need to streamline their Learning and Development (LD) activities globally to get more value-add and future skills-focused learning.

The client needed learning that could be directly linked to business performance. In each of the lines of business (LoB), separate LD functions operated independently, using different LD and procurement processes, operating models, and IT systems and delivering inconsistent policies and programmes to employees

  • Inefficiency and duplicate effort: same programmes across divisions and duplication in external suppliers; governance not clear
  • Inconsistency around global standards: LoB processes and accountabilities not yet clarified
  • Mixed quality learner experience: heavily classroom-based; learning and technology not yet optimised
  • Systems not fit for purpose: complex and disparate systems; difficult to find courses needed

KPMG worked with the client to develop a learning solution and strategy which included:

  • Learning strategy including LD vision, strategic drivers and strategic enablers, supported by learning scorecard
  • LD operating model, detailed design, supporting learning and procurement processes, and a transition plan
  • Defined skills architecture and learning academies/learning hubs setup and prioritisation framework
  • Procurement opportunity assessment/cost reduction and sourcing roadmap
  • Change management and strategic communications. All of the above required a review of client's existing organisation, processes, technology and infrastructure, and a best practice redesign to ensure that all transformational interventions were developed in accordance with the clients requirements and expectations

Improved return on L&D Investment

  • Improved return on LD investment: reallocation of existing spend to strategic priorities; rationalisation of spend to address duplication and better supplier management; measureable productivity gains for strategic initiatives - identified savings of £2.8m in year 1 and £5.6m on an annual basis thereafter
  • Clarity of engagement with the business: decision-making clarified for business and LD bodies: budget allocation rationalised at global, regional and local level; senior divisional and HR leaders aligned around new LD operating model
  • Common learning infrastructure: setup of global academies/learning hubs; common skills architecture; greater LD professionalism that focuses on strategic skill development; future-focused academies that decrease the time to competence and improve learner experience; common systems and tools across the organisation
  • Strategic positioning of LD and aligned learning innovation: broader, agile and future-proofed skill base to deploy on key initiatives; LD as talent attraction tool; new skills for staff increase their employability and thus employee retention
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Multinational Manufacturing Company - Bespoke E-Learning Module Development

The client wished to address a gap in knowledge of export controls within their organisation.

The training module would be delivered to those of manager level and above employees within sales, marketing, purchasing, R&D and logistics

KPMG developed bespoke e-learning module content for the client.

  • KPMG met with the client to establish their exact learning objectives and to understand the audience the training would be delivered to
  • From this, KPMG created an initial outline of the training and then worked closely with the client to refine the content so that it matched the requirements of the business
  • KPMG project managed the production of the eLearning module from the beginning using a combination of internal and external resources
  • A high level export controls module delivered in eight languages.
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Global Energy Client - Compliance Training Solution

The client wished to increase employee awareness and understanding of fraud investigation.

KPMG developed bespoke e-learning module content for the client.

  • Modules such as: Fraud Investigation Guidelines, Investigation principles, Investigation Steps, Digital Investigation and Global Legal Concepts
  • Delivered to 250 employees as a precursor to a practice and investigation course which we also designed
  • A consistent approach to fraud investigation across the group globally

This helped to benefit their HR, Legal, Compliance, Internal Audit and Security teams.

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Global Professional Services Firm - Bespoke E-Learning Module Development

The client wished to increase knowledge sharing and reduce new joiner isolation.

  • The client had a large annual intake of graduates who felt that it was difficult to access and share the information they needed once they left the programme.

The client required a one-stop-shop for graduate learning which addressed previously faced challenges such as:

  • Lack of connection between different learning systems
  • Poor user experience
  • A workforce with limited time for training
  • A deadline of five weeks to have a functional system

KPMG developed a gamified system accessible through all technological mediums including mobile.

We partnered with a leading social learning platform provider to build an integrated solution from which the learner could access all forms of learning in one environment.

  • A popular platform which had a 90% of new joiners regularly accessing the content
  • All new graduate joiners enrolled onto the system
  • Active sharing of materials and collaboration through the solution
  • Blend of bite-sized and larger pieces of learning produced for the platform
  • The client now wishes to expand coverage of their learning platform to their entire graduate population
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Property Investment Company - Compliance Training Solution

The client wished to increase employee awareness and understanding of the UK Bribery Act.

KPMG tailored our Anti-Bribery & Corruption e-learning module to the client's needs.

  • Added relevant case studies for the property industry
  • Hosted by KPMG and accessible by the client's employees globally
  • Included an assessment element, providing reports to the client on who had completed the module and their score, allowing for them to demonstrate completion
  • A tailored, personal training module which integrated the company's policies

A clear, easy way to demonstrate to a regulator that their staff were aware of the UK Bribery Act and the procedures and policies to follow.